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Support Service

  • You receive 12 months of Support included with your 25 year or 1 year commercial module purchase.
    • For 1 Year Commercial Module purchases you have to renew the 1 year purchase each year to continue using the module and also get support on it.
    • For 25 Year Commercial Module purchases you receive 1 year of support and upgrades included with the purchase but after the 1 year has expired you have to renew the Maintenance renewal on the module as outlined here to receive support or upgrades.
  • Customers looking for Support must have a Sangoma Portal Account (

Support Login

  • Login with the same username and password you used to purchase your Support Maintenance.

Product Registration

  • Product Registration is required to associate the FreePBX system that has Commercial Modules to your Support Portal account. If the FreePBX System you are trying to open a support ticket for is not shown in your portal account you will need to make a product claim to have it show up as outlined here How to Co-Own a product that is not linked to your account

Support Coverage

  • Support is provided on installation help and also bug reporting and escalation of the bug.  We do not provide support on configuration and setup.  Please use the Sangoma wiki for Commercial modules at

Opening a Ticket

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