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  1. Overview - Commercial Modules are paid for software features add-on to the open source FreePBX project.

  2. Products Covered

    1. FreePBX Commercial Modules with 25-year License with active Maintenance Contract for the Commercial Module. Available upon purchase of FreePBX Commercial Modules.  Support and upgrades is limited to 1 Year after purchase. Commercial Module Support Service Renewal for continuous Support access
    2. FreePBX Commercial Modules with 1 year License
  3. SLA - No SLA included
  4. Technical Support Services - Access to Technical Support Services as outlined here Support Department Overview and Policies 
    1. Covers Commercial Module Installation and Licensing questions.
    2. Covers bug reporting and assistance on getting a bug resolved.
  5. Professional Services - Support Credits required for When Configuration and Implementation Support is needed as outlined here Support Department Overview and Policies  No Support Credits are included with your Support Service Renewal and will require the purchase of Support Credits.
  6. Upgrades - Access to upgrades and new releases as released.
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