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You can create additional users who can log into your SIPStation Store, Sangoma Portal and eFax Panel

  1. Log into the SIPStation Store.
  2. Click "Account Overview" from the top navigation menu, then select "Users".

  3. Click the "Add user" button

  4. Fill in the new user's information:
    1. FAXStation Username - If this account will be used with FAXStation, this is the login the user will use when signing into the eFax portal
    2. First/Last Name - User's first and last name
    3. Office/Cell/Fax Number - Contact telephone numbers
    4. Password - Account password, enter twice to confirm correct
    5. Email address - Email address where account notifications are sent
    6. Create user as Super Users - Sets account to be a "Super User" which means the user has completely privileges over your organization's account including making purchases, service modifications, and more.
  5. If your account has FAXStation services enabled, you will have additional options to control what locations and DIDs are given to the new user

    1. Location - You can filter locations by typing in the search box to auto-filter the list. Enabling access to a location is as simple as checking what kind of access should be given. The option will be dark blue to indicate the selection. For an overview of user types, please see the article "Different Types of Fax Users Explained".
    2. DID Selection - Select the DIDs this new user should have access to for sending/receiving faxes, as well as viewing all fax content for the associated DID.
  6. Click "Create User". The user will be created and will be able to log in with the email address or username and password you defined.

Note: Users cannot be deleted, but they can be deactivated. This needs to be done via the Portal instead of the SIPStation Store, and is described in our wiki How to Add and Manage Users.