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Adding or Updating your Credit Card

  • Click on the "Billing" option at the top of the page.


  • You can view all the credit cards you have on file with us in the table below. 

  • Clicking the edit button next to a credit card will let you edit all the information for that credit card except the credit card number.

  • You can click the "Add New Card" button to add a new Credit Card that can be used for billing.

  • You must keep at least one credit card on file, so if you only have one credit card listed, you need to add a new one before you can remove the current default one. Click the remove button next to your credit card to remove it.

  • If you have more than one credit card listed, the one that has the dot (radio button) selected is the current Default card, and we will always try and charge that credit card first. In the event we are unable to charge that card, we will continue down the list trying each card you have listed. We recommend keeping more than one card on file since the system will suspend your service at midnight on the date of your renewal for non-payment.

    In our example below, the top card is the default and the bottom is the backup.