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The FAXStation CPE connects to your network by way of a single RJ45 ethernet cable. By default, the CPE units will get network parameters via DHCP. Static IPs may be set via various methods including the device web GUI, or by telephone feature code. Reference available at Feature Codes


Throughput requirements are minimal. The CPE device does periodically check in for provisioning (5 minutes) and new faxes (1 minute). Also, there is some minor keepalive traffic for the management platform. No specific bandwidth or throughput requirements exist, nor do any considerations need to be made for QoS or traffic prioritization for proper operation.


The CPE will need to have egress network access to the Sangoma FAXStation platform via the following:

TCP443HTTPSSangomaCPE uses HTTPS to talk with platform for all fax TX/RX as well as provisioning
UDP4332-4339N/ASangomaCPE connects to platform for remote management/diagnostics/firmware
UDP123NTPPublicCPE contacts for network time protocol if local RTC is not available or skew is too high
UDP53DNSN/ACPE uses DNS for hostname resolution, DNS servers provided by connected network DHCP server, or as specified in manual network configuration


Note, no port forwarding, NAT configuration, etc is required for FAXStation CPE to operate. The above listed ports need to be allowed egress (outbound) access by the CPE (with stateful return traffic allowed).


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