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As part of being a U.S.-based telecommunications provider, we are required to collect various taxes and fees based on both federal and state regulations. Some of these items we must support are the Federal Universal Service Fund (USF) and various state and local taxes on voice services such as e911, Local Number Portability Administration, North American Numbering Plan, Telecommunications Relay Services (TRS) Fund, and other various regulatory fees. These taxes and fees can vary greatly by geographic location and where you use our services.

Many of these taxes and fees support great enhancements to your services, such as the ability to easily change carriers and keep your numbers. These taxes and fees also go toward infrastructure that, for example, allows disabled users to participate in and use our services, and allows people to contact emergency services in an easy and consistent manner from any location or handset. In the case of the USF expenses, these taxes and fees help make affordable, high-quality communications services available to everyone.

While we support the spirit, principles, and enhancements provided by these various programs, we unfortunately cannot absorb these expenses directly, and we are required to collect and pay these taxes and fees on your behalf.

We will provide itemization of these fees on your statement. They will be added and billed at the same time as your regular monthly account renewals. We are not able to tell you exactly how much each specific account will incur in taxes, as these taxes are compiled and rated by a third party we have partnered with to ensure our compliance with the various and ever-changing regulatory landscape. Both federal and state/local taxing authorities are constantly changing tax rates and fees.

All telecommunications service providers (e.g., companies providing local, long-distance, wireless services) are required to contribute to these funds. We believe we are recovering these expenses in as fair and equitable a manner as possible and we do not profit from these fees or taxes.

For more information from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) on telecommunications billing, taxes, and fees, please visit: 


Your Tax Rating Address (and how to change it)

We rate your taxes based on your physical location as determined by your Primary E911 Address that you are required to enter in order to get your account credentials. If this is not the proper address that we should be basing your taxes on, then you can contact support and inform them of your proper address. Upon verification of that address, and your confirmation that it is your taxable place of business, we will program the system to force the use of that address for taxation purposes.

Tax Exempt Status

If you are a tax exempt organization at any level, Federal, State or Local, you may open a ticket with our Customer Success team to discuss. You can open a ticket by emailing [email protected]. You should attach any relevant documentation when contacting us about this, and if there are other documents we need or certifications we need you to fill out we will let you know. We can then program your account to be exempt and if applicable, reprocess recent past Statements to determine any credit that may be due.