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Why choose SIPStation?

  • Tight integration within FreePBX and PBXact, developed, maintained, and monitored by the same team that brings you FreePBX/PBXact
  • You choose between monthly service or locking in savings with our longer-term Savings Plans  
  • Extensive Calling area in US 48, Hawaii and Canada (except Territories) for Domestic calling
  • Easy setup: Set Up Guide
  • Service built to be self service. Add/Remove DIDs/Trunks/Services on the fly, directly from your account without having to call in.
  • Flexibility to enable SMS, Softcap Bursting, Concurrency Bursting, and other metered services. Pricing/Details
  • Failover and alternative delivery options in the event your PBX goes offline or is unreachable. Failover Options


SMS (Text Messaging)

  • Ability to send and receive SMS from your FreePBX or PBXact User Control Panel and Zulu UC
    • Wiki on using UCP with SIPStation SMS SMS - UCP

    • Wiki on using Zulu with SIPStation SMS SMS

Manage e911 Settings Per DID from your PBX

  • Inside the SIPStation module on your PBX or from within the SIPStation store you can on the fly change e911 addresses for any DID or add different addresses per DID for remote workers or locations


T38 Inbound and Outbound faxing

  • Inbound T38 Faxing
    • Most SIPStation DIDs are capable of using T38 for inbound faxing
    • Included free to charge on your account.  
    • From within the store you can review if your DIDs are capable of T38 by locating the Fax Icon next to each DID

  • Outbound T38 faxing
    • SIPStation trunks can be enabled to allow outbound T38 where you send us a T38 fax and we will transcode it to V29 and send the calls out our PRIs to maximize the delivery of Faxes
    • Has a per minute cost associated
    • Information here on how to setup T38 outbound faxing on your PBX Outbound T38 Faxing
  • View and Send faxes from UCP or Zulu
    • Wiki on using UCP to view all faxes and send outbound faxes Fax - UCP
    • Wiki on using Zulu to view faxes and send outbound faxes Faxing

No Obligation Monthly service or Savings Plans available - Your choice

  • You can choose monthly service and make changes to your services as you wish, when you wish with no obligation. Add trunks at any time. Or drop them (subject to the monthly billing cycle).
  • Save more by locking in a lower rate for 1 or 3 years.
  • If you need more DIDs or trunks, you can make those changes at will.
  • Even on our Plans, you can choose to add trunks to your Plan, or on a monthly basis only, to account for seasonal needs.



  • Upon purchase of SIP trunks, SIPStation will automatically configure your setup of your FreePBX or PBXact system for you
    • Trunks
    • Routes
    • DIDs
  • It will also automatically setup your DID(s) to go to a test IVR, so you can call your DID right away and test that the call reaches your PBX, since that IVR will play you a success greeting!

Built-in Failover Service

  • SIPStation offers great reliability with many levels of failover to make sure your calls are delivered even when during catastrophic disasters occur. Below are the many ways that SIPStation will attempt to deliver your call if your PBX is unable to receive phone calls (for whatever reason).  All the below failover options are built-in, free-of-charge and user configurable from the SIPStation Portal.

Phone Number Based Failover (Per-DID)

You can configure a backup phone number for each of your phone numbers (or DIDs) so that if SIPStation cannot deliver the call to your PBX, it will check to see if you have configured a failover number for that DID and then redirect the call to use that number.  


Trunk Failover

By default, the SIPStation service automatically registers your phone system(s), or PBX(s), to two geographically separated Data Center locations.  

This structure allows SIPStation to provide the following robust failover options:

  • FQDN (fully qualified domain name) or an IP address: failover to a backup PBX

  • Trunk Group: If you have your voice services are shared across multiple office locations (using the Trunk Group feature in SIPStation) , SIPStation can automatically send you your calls to any of your other locations.

    Example User Options:

  • Registration FallBack: If non of the above offered failover options are configured, and SIPstation is unable to send you your calls from the primary datacenter, it will attempt to send you your calls from the secondary datacenter  

Global Failover

 Global Failover Number:  In the event that the customer has not configured any of the available failover options, and if SIPStation is unable to send you your calls from the Primary or Secondary SIPStation Datacenter locations, a Global Failover number can be configured to redirect calls to. 


Sharing Voice Services Across Locations

SIPStation allows you to share your Voice lines (or SIP Trunks) across multiple locations, using the built-in Trunk Group feature,  so that you don't have to pay for dedicated lines for each location when the traffic may vary across all your locations. 
This also allows you to move your phone numbers (or DIDs) across your locations from within the SIPStation Portal.

Below is a great infographic that describes the benefits of Trunk Groups:



  • Built-in to the PBX GUI, SIPStation offers you a free 20-day trial. No Strings attached. With the trial you will have access to: 

    • inbound and outbound calling

    • Local DIDs in over 5,000 rate centers to choose from 

      • This means you have a wide range of phone local phone numbers to choose from

    • Sign-up directly from the PBX GUI

    • Automatic configuration of your inbound/outbound routes and DIDs


Built-In Fraud Guard

  • Protects your business from malicious international calling (if you have this international calling service enabled). Fraud Guard will cap the amount of international calls that can be made through the system so that if that limit is reached, no further international calls will be allowed without increasing the capacity count, or waiting for the Fraud Guard to reset on Sunday of each week.  You will also get a email notification when you are close to exceeding this weekly safe guard.

  • Notifications of suspicious activity

    • Be alerted when a new IP address tries to register to your SIPStation account

    • Send an email notification when a call authenticates properly but is blocked because the IP address is different than the registration address or does not match the optional ACL provided below.

  • Provide a list of IP addresses that can register to your account with our Access Control list.  Only the IPs defined here can register. If left blank any IP can register

Intuitive Portal Management

The SIPStation portal is the one place to:

  • Purchase 

    • SIP Trunks

    • DIDs

    • Reliable Fax

  • Manage 

    • e911

    • Trunks

    • Account details

    • Billing

    • Organization detials

    • Trunk Locations

End-to-End Solution 

Eliminate the finger pointing and "he said, she said" that can happen between the support teams of a phone system manufacturer and a dial tone provider. One support group to work with, no headaches.



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