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The FAXStation eFax portal allows for a fully rebranded experience for the customers and clients of FAXStation resellers and partners. This includes full control over color schemes, logos, text, headers/footers. and more.

Once you have verified with your account manager that rebranding is available to you as a reseller or partner of Sangoma, you'll want to complete the following rebranding items within your account in the eFax portal. After completion, please open a support ticket with the SIPStation/FAXStation group to have your branding options applied. Please be sure to include the desired hostname ( for example). We will configure this hostname on our fax platform (including an SSL certificate), and then provide you with the IP address(es) you'll need to configure in your DNS.

Logging Into the FAXStation Portal

Edit Theme

Once logged in, select the settings icon (gear) in the upper right corner of the page, then select "Basic theme".

Theme Options


Several options are available to control the text and general content of the rebranded theme. This includes:

  • Page Header - Title displayed in the title bar of your browser window/tab
  • Login Text - Site name presented at login, just above the username/password field
  • Custom URL - The hostname you wish to use for access to your branded site**
  • Help Link - The URL you wish users to be taken to if they click the 'Help' link from within the eFax portal
  • Copyright Text - The text you wish to be displayed at the bottom of all eFax portal pages

**Please ensure you open a support ticket with SIPStation/FAXStation technical support once this option is configured as it will need implementation infrastructure side as well by our staff.


Several elements of the eFax portal are available for custom colors to match your company branding. These include:

  • Body background color - Background color for the eFax portal content
  • Login box background color - Background color for the login box at authentication time
  • Left menu background color - Left navigation menu background color
  • Link color - Color for left navigation menu links
  • Active menu background color - Background color of the currently selected menu option (left navigation area)
  • Primary button background color - Background color for any button that performs an action (Add User for example)


Image elements within the eFax portal are also customizable. They are:

  • Login Logo - image displayed at login time
  • Header and footer logo - Logo displayed in the header and footer of all eFax portal pages
  • Favicon - Browser window/tab icon


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