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SIPStation users cannot technically be "removed" or "deleted" at this time, but they can be deactivated. If you deactivate users, they will remain visible in your user list in the Sangoma Partner Portal but will not have login privileges.

While creating new users can be done from the SIPStation Store, deactivation needs to be done from the Sangoma Partner Portal instead.

Our Portal wiki How to Add and Manage Users is reproduced below. Scroll down to the instructions for viewing and editing users.

How to Add and Manage Users

You can create as many users for your company as you would like. The additional users can log in to the Sangoma Portal, SIPStation Store, and support ticketing system. The ticketing system is where you open and manage support requests. It can be accessed from within the Portal or by going directly to the Support System and logging in with the same credentials that are used in the Portal. For more information on accessing the support/ticketing system click here.

A Note on User Privileges

Active: The user can access the support ticketing system only.
Admin: The user can access the support ticketing system, view/edit/create customers, users, and deployments, and make purchases from the store.
Portal Access: The user can access the support ticketing system and view customers and deployments but can not make purchases from the store or edit anything.

Creating a New User

  1. Log into the Portal at
  2. Go to Users→ Create User.

  3. You will now be taken to a User Creation form:

    1. Email Address (required): The e-mail address will be used for communication purposes as well as the username for logging into the Portal or support ticketing system.
    2. Password (required): Set the password and enter it again in the Confirm Password field. Must be at least 6 characters.
    3. Name (required): The person's first and last name.
    4. Title, Office Number, Cellular Number, & Fax Number (optional): You also need to set a Name, Title and Office Phone Number
    5. Company Name (required): Pick which Company the user is associated with. Normally you will only see your company, but if you have created customers under your company, you would also see those companies and be able to create users for them.
  4. Click the Submit button when done.

Viewing and Editing Users

You can edit a user's information and privileges.

To view and edit a user:

  1. Log into the portal at
  2. Go to Users→ List All 

  3. You will now see a list of all your Users and any Users for any customers under you.  

  4. You can click on the pencil icon () to edit the User.  Editing a User will allow you to change the email address, password, and all other information.

  5. To deactivate a user, Uncheck the checkbox(es) to disable any or all of a user's login privileges. (Uncheck "Active" to deactivate the user.) Click the "Submit" button at the bottom to confirm the changes. Note: the user will still appear in your user list, but will not have login privileges for items that are not checked.

  6. To reactivate a user, add administrator privileges, or activate Portal access: Check the "Active" box to ensure the user is activated. Check the "Admin" and/or "Portal Access" checkboxes as desired. Click the "Submit" button at the bottom to confirm the changes.