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SIPStation DIDs and Toll-Free numbers are usually not automatically cancelled after a port-out unless you are explicitly notified of such. Billing will continue unless the services are cancelled. Customers are responsible for canceling monthly services after a port-out. Please see Ordering or Canceling Service.

While we do not want to see you go, we understand that you may need to port your telephone number(s) away from SIPStation to a new provider. This wiki is for customers wishing to port numbers out of SIPStation to a new provider. If you are looking for information on porting in to SIPStation, please see our main Number Porting wiki.

We comply with FCC rules that mandate local and toll-free number portability. You can move your local numbers to a new provider who provides coverage in the same geographic area. You can also move your toll-free numbers to a new RespOrg.

You do not need to contact us in order to port numbers out. You will need to make the port request with your new provider. Your new provider will ask you to fill out a Letter of Authorization. They will handle the process from there. It is the new provider's responsibility to communicate with you regarding rejections or approvals of a port request. Please attempt to resolve any porting-related issues with your new provider before contacting us at SIPStation. If your new provider cannot resolve the issue, you can contact us by opening a SIPStation Number Porting ticket at 

We may charge a fee for porting out numbers that have been in the account for a short amount of time. Please see our current Rates document (PDF) for more info. Your new provider may charge you porting fees. Check with them if you have questions.


  • You will be required to fill out a Letter of Authorization (LOA) with your new provider, giving them permission to port your number(s). Please not use the LOA form that we have available on our site – our LOA is only for customers wishing to port in to SIPStation. Your new service provider will need to give you the proper paperwork to fill out. It is your responsibility to provide the correct information on your Letter of Authorization.
  • Your LOA should list only the numbers that you wish to port out of SIPStation. Do not include numbers that you would like to keep in your SIPStation account.
  • If you are porting multiple local numbers out of the same SIPStation account, you can usually group them on a single LOA. If you plan to port both local and toll-free numbers, check with your new provider to determine if they will need separate LOAs for each type.
  • Your account number is shown at the top of your monthly statement.
  • Use the Organization Name as shown in your SIPStation profile. This should be the name of a business or individual. To view this:
    • Log into the SIPStation Store at
    • Choose a location if applicable.
    • Click the Account Overview menu option, then the Organization Information tab. Your organization name will be shown.

  • If you need help determining the service address for your number(s), or have any other questions on the correct data to submit, please contact us. Please log into and submit a ticket in the Number Porting department.

Obtaining Account Statements / Invoices

Your new service provider will often ask for a copy of your most recent telephone bill when porting. You can download a statement from your SIPStation account as a PDF file.

  1. Log into 
  2. Select a SIPStation location if applicable. Ensure that the correct location appears in the gray box at the top. If not, click the green box Switch/Create Account and select the correct location for the DID(s).

  3. Next, click Statements & Activity in the green menu.

  4. Scroll down to the Statements summary section, where you will find a list of recent statements. The most recent statement is shown at the top.
  5. Click More details to download a PDF copy of the statement. The PDF copy of the statement includes your account number and the DIDs on the account.

Canceling SIPStation Service After a Port

Be sure to keep your SIPStation service active until after the port occurs. Cancelling service prematurely may result in the permanent loss of your telephone number(s).

We are not always able to automatically cancel your SIPStation service for numbers that port out. Therefore, it is your responsibility to manage your monthly services in your SIPStation account. After a port-out, you will need to visit your SIPStation account to ensure services are cancelled for the DID(s) that you no longer wish to use. Otherwise, you will continue to be billed for the DID(s).

Please see our wiki "Removing Services or DIDs from your existing SIPStation account" for instructions.