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If FAX reliability is critical to you, or you ONLY need fax and not phone service, we offer advanced Fax-over-IP (FoIP) solutions capable of handling all internet connection types, including satellite and cellular networks. These trunks can be used to send faxes to most North American 10-digit accessible numbers and to receive faxes from anywhere.

You can purchase fax trunks and FAXStation devices in the SIPStation Store at http://www.sipstation.comThis wiki will focus on FAXStation-related products and services, but you can also purchase SIPStation unlimited two-way trunks, local DIDs, and toll-free numbers at the same time.

How to Purchase Fax Trunks and FAXStation Devices

  1. Go to the SIPStation Store at
  2. If you have a SIPStation account, log into your account and select a SIPStation location if applicable. If you do not have an account, you can create one now or later in the process. You'll need a SIPStation account in order to complete your purchase.
  3. Look for the fax section at the bottom of the page.

  4. Two fax trunk options will be displayed: a low capacity "limited pages" option and a high capacity "High Volume Faxing" option.
    • Limited Pages: 150 pages per month
    • High Capacity: High Volume Faxing

      To add trunks to your shopping cart:
    1. Click the green slider box and drag it along the bar to change the quantity.

    2. The selected quantity of trunks will be shown along with the total monthly cost.
      In this example, we've selected one High Volume Faxing fax trunk.

  5. Below the trunks, you will have the option to purchase a FAXStation device. (You can skip to the checkout process if you are not purchasing a device.)

    To add one or more devices to your cart:

    1.  Under the Fax Devices field drag the green slider to change the quantity. The total cost of the devices will be displayed near your selection.
      In our example, we've selected one FAXStation device.

  6. Review your shopping cart contents on the bottom of the screen. 
    1. You can shop for more items, or you can delete items by clicking the next to an item in the shopping cart.
    2. Otherwise, if you are ready to proceed, click the Proceed to Checkout button to go to the checkout/payment process.

    3. If you are not already logged into the store, you will be asked to log in or create an account. You must have a SIPStation account in order to complete your purchase.

  7. Review your order summary and agree to the terms and conditions.

    1. Click the checkbox to indicate that you agree to the terms and conditions.

  8. Select the shipping type you want
    1. Select your choice of Ground, 2-Day or Next Day shipping by clicking on the corresponding tab
  9. Select an existing credit card for payment, or click the Add New Card button to add a new one. Then click the Confirm Order & Charge My Card button.

  10. You'll receive order confirmation at the top of your screen. Another message will remind you to configure your new FAXStation services. Click the here link to go to the Fax section of your SIPStation account.