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  • Registered Trunks versus Peer to Peer

    • Registered Trunks

      • By default SIPStation trunks are setup for Registration style trunks only meaning your PBX will register to the SIPStation Edge servers and send all calls from the same registered IP address and that registered IP address will be where SIPStation send inbound calls to.

        • Once your PBX has been registered we will only allow calls from that IP address when making outbound calls.
    • Peer to Peer Trunks
      • You can optionally enable Peer to Peer mode and not register with us and we will then allow any IP address to send outbound calls to us that are setup with your SIP username and password and authenticate with us each time a call is placed from your PBX to the outside world.
        • If you enable peer to peer mode but still register a PBX to this Trunk Group we will not allow calls to be made from any IP address that is not CURRENTLY registered with your edge servers for fraud reasons.
        • If you are setting up more then 1 PBX for the same SIPStation location make sure you create a Trunk Group for each physical PBX.
  • Access list

    • You can optionally setup a Access list of trusted IP addresses

    • If you define 1 or more IP Addresses we will only allow those IP Addresses to Register with us or place calls with us if using Peer to Peer Trunks
  • Notifications

    • Be notified when someone tries placing calls on your account that are blocked for any reasons above.

Configuring Notifications and Access Restrictions

  • Log into the SIPStation store at
  • Click on the My Account tab at the top

  • Click on the Trunk Groups tab
  • From here we can see a list of all Trunk Groups for this location that we can setup Access Restrictions and Notifications for.

  • Click on the Access/Notifications Settings button


  • Alert Blocked Calls

    • Send an email notification when a call authenticates properly but is blocked because the IP address is different than the registration address or does not match the optional ACL provided below.
  • Alert Reg IP Change

    • Send an email notification when the registration IP address changes from the last successful address that was used for registering.
  • Emails will be sent to all contacts as defined for this location.  To view which contacts have been setup for this location to receive notifications follow this wiki. Organization Information

  • Press Apply once all changes have been made.

Peer to Peer Trunks

  • By default your SIPStation trunks are setup to only allow calls to be placed from the same IP address that is currently registered with your SIPStation trunk group.
  • If your PBX is not going to be setup or is not capable of doing a Registered trunk and must use a Peer to Peer method where you hard set the PBX where to send calls to you will need to disable the Require Registration option here.
  • Enabling this, which is the default setting, will require that the trunk have a successful registration in order to be used to make calls. At that point, only calls from that IP address will be allowed. If disabled, the trunk can be used as a peer only trunk and any successful call that passes authentication will be allowed. This can be filtered by the optional ACL list. If the trunk is not registered, inbound calls will fail unless a failover location is provided.
  • In all cases, when a trunk has a registration, only calls from that registered address are allowed to pass.

  • Press Apply once all changes have been made.

Access List

  • You are encouraged to provide a list of IP addresses to control who can register to and make calls to this trunk group. When nothing is provided, any authenticated call will be allowed to pass. When this Access Control List (ACL) is provided, only authenticated calls that match an IP in the ACL will be allowed to pass. 
  • If the Alert Blocked Calls notification above is set, you will receive an email notification if a call is properly authenticated but fails to pass an active ACL.
  • You can restrict what IP Address are allow to register with this Trunk Group or in the event when using Peer to Peer trunks which IP addresses are allowed to place calls.
  • Click on the Add IP Address button to add a new IP Address
  • Add the IP address and subnet.
    • For a single IP address use the 32 Netmask

  • Press Apply once all changes have been made.


  • Log into the SIPStation store at
  • Click on the My Account tab at the top

  • Click on the Trunk Groups tab
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