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If you have multiple SIPStation accounts that you would like to combine into a new single Organization, or into an existing Sangoma Portal organization if you already have one, please open a Support ticket in the SIPStation Support Category.

Because of security concerns, we require your permission if you want us to make this change. If you do nothing, everything will continue to operate as it does today. You’ll continue to be able to log into each of your accounts as you do today, as they will simply create new independent organizations in our portal for each.

If you would like some or all your accounts to be merged to take advantage of the benefit of easier management, please follow the directions below to have us make the change for you.

Creating a Support Ticket to Request Merging Accounts

  1. Log into the support ticketing system by visiting directly or accessing it through the link in your Sangoma Portal account.
  2. Click "Submit a Ticket."

  3. Choose the SIPStation Support option and click the Next button.

  4. Select the SIPStation Location for your primary account.

  5. Select Billing Questions for the category.

  6. Please use this format for the subject: SIPStation Migration for Your Company Name. This will help us identify your ticket as a request to merge accounts.

  7. In the body of the ticket, please give us the following information:
    1. Organization Name: The name you would like us to give to your "master" SIPStation account.
    2. List of e-mail addresses that currently have login access to the SIPStation Store, that you would like to merge into one account under different locations. For each e-mail address, please provide:
      1. The current SIP Username for that e-mail address
      2. A friendly name that you would like us to give the new SIPStation location for this e-mail address

  8. When done, click the Submit button at the bottom. You will receive a message on-screen and via e-mail confirming that we have received your request.