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Depending on your FreePBX version, by default, SIP Station trunks may be created as Chan SIP, you can use this wiki if you have already installed the SIP Station Key in your PBX or if you are looking forward to configuring a new SIP Station service.

If you are configuring the SIP Station for the first time please go to Step 2. If you have already installed the Key, your SIP station module will look like this:

And the Trunks will be using Chan SIP Technology:

Before creating the SIP Station Trunks as PJSIP confirm you have the key saved and ready to be used. Remember that if you remove the Key you can always find the information at the SIP station portal (My account-> Trunk Groups-> Trunk Group Information -> SIPStation Keycode).

Step 1: Remove the Key in the SIP Station module and Trunks.

To do this go to Connectivity-> SIPSTATION-> Location information-> Remove key & Delete Trunks.

After you click in Remove key, you will see this screen to add the account key again. Please apply config to continue.

Step 2: Enabling the SIPStation PJSIP Mode

Go to Settings-> Advanced settings-> SIPStation Module-> Enable SIPStation PJSIP Mode . Enable the option clicking in the Yes button, then click in submit and apply config.

Step 3: Adding back the Account key in the SIP Station module

Go to Connectivity-> SIPSTATION-> Account Key. Add the key and click in add key.

The SIP station module will show the Primary and Secondary server as unknown.

 Apply config and then click in Refresh Asterisk Account info. 

Step 4: Confirming the PJSIP trunks were created

After following the steps above confirm your Trunks changed to PJSIP, Go to Connectivity-> Trunks


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