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Once you've assigned DIDs to a fax trunk, you can send faxes from, and receive faxes to, the eFax Portal located at This portal can be used as a standalone fax-over-IP solution, or it can be used in conjunction with physical fax equipment.

 In order to use physical fax equipment with your fax trunk service, you will need a FAXStation device. You can connect a fax trunk and fax machine to the device in order to send and receive faxes whenever you have an Internet connection, even with problematic satellite and cellular networks.

You must associate a fax trunk with one of the two ports of your FAXStation device in order to send faxes from your connected equipment, and to receive faxes with that same equipment. When a trunk is associated with a device's port, you gain the ability to use that device with your faxing service, and you continue to have the ability to use all of the features of the eFax Portal.

How to Assign Trunks to Fax Devices

  1. Go to
  2. Log in (and choose a location if applicable).
  3. Click on Fax in the navigation menu.

  4. Scroll down to the Fax Trunk to Device Assignments section. You will see available fax trunks on the left side and a list of physical devices on the right side, along with their available ports.

  5. Drag available trunks out of the red box and drop them in one of the green boxes to assign them to a device and port.
    In our example, we will assign one trunk to each of our two devices, in port 1 on each device.

    The trunks appear in their assigned ports.

  6. When finished, click the Save Fax Trunk Assignments button to save the configuration.
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