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Fax trunk settings include the trunk name and inbound/outbound fax e-mail notifications.

You can change the names of your FAXStation fax trunks to help you identify them. By default, the trunks will have generic names such as "Trunk 1" and "Trunk 2." 

You can also set up e-mail notifications on your FAXStation trunks. You can configure notifications on a per-DID basis and set up separate notifications for inbound vs. outbound faxing. These e-mail notifications will include a copy of the fax as an attachment.

Where to Find Fax Trunk Settings

  1. Go to
  2. Log in (and choose a location if applicable).

  3. Click on Fax in the navigation menu.

  4. Click the Edit Trunks Settings button.

  5. The Edit Settings window will appear, and you will be viewing the Friendly Names tab. You can either edit names here or click the Emails tab to set up e-mail notifications.

How to Rename a Trunk

  1. Follow the instructions above to navigate to the Edit Settings window.

  2. Click the Friendly Names tab if you are not there already.

  3. Enter a new name in the New Name field for each trunk you wish to edit.

  4. Click the Save new names button.

  5. The Edit Settings window will close, and the new name for the trunk will be displayed.


How to Set Up E-mail Notifications

  1. Follow the instructions above to navigate to the Edit Settings window.
  2. Click the Emails tab if you are not there already.

  3. Select a DID from the drop-down menu.

  4. Enter the e-mail address to be notified.

  5. Select either Inbound or Outbound from the drop-down menu to specify which direction this notification will be for. You can only select one option at a time, but you can create a second notification for the other direction later.

  6. Click the Add Email button to add the notification.

  7. The new notification will be shown in a table

  8. Repeat the process for each notification you wish to add.

  9. If you need to delete a notification, click the red minus sign next to the notification.

  10. To close the Edit Settings window, click the X at the upper right corner. 

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