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A full listing of all fax devices can be found within your Account Overview. This includes information on what location the device is assigned to, serial numbers, number of ports, and online status. Moving of devices between locations is also handled here.

  1. Ensure you are logged into the SIPStation Store, then select "Fax Devices" from the "Account Overview" dropdown menu

  2. All fax devices in your account will be displayed. You can filter using the search box by entering full or partial search terms for serial number, location name, status, or number of ports.

  3. Each device can also have it's configuration shown. Click the green 'View config' button for a device to see more details

    Device Configuration
    1. Device Name - "Friendly" name assigned to the device
    2. Serial Number - Device serial number
    3. MAC Address - Any MAC addresses associated with the device (helpful to find on your local network)
    4. Outbound Only - Is device configured only for outbound faxing (inbound faxes will not be delivered to fax CPE devices

    Port Configuration
    1. Port - Port number on the fax CPE device
    2. Trunk - Name of the fax trunk assigned to this port
    3. Trunk Capacity - Shows which fax plan this trunk is on (high or low capacity)
    4. Assigned DIDs - Any DIDs assigned to the trunk that is assigned to this port are shown here
    5. Caller ID - The outbound Caller ID to be used for faxes from this port (if desired to be different from the default which is the first DID on the port)
    6. TSI - The configured TSI (transmitted subscriber identification) for the port (if desired to be different from the default which is the first DID on the port)
    7. Default Area Code - Area code to be prepended to any destination fax number dialed as a local number (7 digits only)
  4. You can move fax devices from your current location by selecting one or more devices, picking the new location from the dropdown box labeled "Locations with active services", then clicking the "Move devices" button
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