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Reliable and Secure Fax-over-IP (FoIP)

Tired of having T.38 faxing errors stalling your business operations?

T.38 fax solutions are simply not reliable or robust enough to function properly over standard internet connections. The FAXStation technology was designed from the ground up to address T.38 limitations. Switch to a 100% guaranteed error-free faxing solution from Sangoma and enjoy the true analog fax experience without the high cost of an extra PSTN line.

Whether you’re in medical, real estate, legal, offshore communications or any other industry that depends on reliable fax services and wish to enjoy the benefits of VoIP—this is the system you’ve been searching for.


Re-use existing fax machines

FAXStation provides a completely cloud-based fax service, while still allowing customers to use a standard analog fax machine.


The FAXStation appliance comes pre-provisioned and pre-programmed–no need to open firewalls, port forward or set up proxies. Pick your fax number, plug your fax machine into the FAXStation gateway appliance and start faxing right away. Software updates and patches are installed over-the-air.

Low cost monthly service

For one low monthly fee, unlimited inbound and outbound faxing is provided. Lower priced tier available for limited faxing (up to 150 pages per month) also available.

Manage faxes on web

Set up incoming fax-to-email, view and archive all incoming/outgoing faxes, resend existing faxes, and upload documents to fax out

Ideal for low bandwidth scenarios

Even works over satellite internet, GSM, ADSL or internet connection as low as 2kbps

How it Works

While there are now several T.38 ATA’s available, FAXStation uses a completely proprietary FoIP mechanism that virtually guarantees reliable fax transmission. While others are continually attempting to shoehorn T.38 into a reliable package, we have chosen to completely bypass this unreliable protocol. Additionally, not only does FAXStation support standard analog fax machines, customers are able to setup incoming fax-to-email, view all incoming/outgoing faxes, resend existing faxes, and upload documents to fax out with the FAXStation portal.

  1. A FAXStation appliance is connected with the fax machine(s) at the customer site.
  2. Faxes are sent from the fax machine to the FAXStation, then relayed to the recipient through the datacenter. If an internet connection is not available, the fax(es) will be queued on the FAXStation until the internet is restored.

To receive a fax, simply provide your DID fax number and the data center will collect incoming faxes before pushing them to your appliance/fax machine.

FAXStation is the pioneer in providing reliable fax service to the SatCOM markets. Our solution is being used by nearly all major satellite carriers, with a specific concentration in the offshore oil and gas industries.

Usage Guides

Ordering Fax Trunks and FAXStation Devices

Fax Trunk Settings

DID to Fax Trunk Assignments

Fax Trunk to Device Assignments

eFax Portal


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