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Editing Name, Title, and Phone Numbers, and Changing Password or E-mail Address

Each SIPStation user can manage login information settings such as their name, title, phone numbers, password, and e-mail address for any user under their organization if they are a Super User.

Login information is the same for SIPStation as it is for the Sangoma Portal. If you make any changes to your login information within SIPStation, those changes will also apply to the Portal. The two websites share the same user information for Super Users. eFax only users do not have SIPStation Store or Sangoma Portal login ability.

To view and edit login information from within SIPStation:

  1. Log into the SIPStation Store.
  2. Click on "Account Overview", then "Users"

  3. You will see a list of users associated with your account. Modify a user's details such as name, contact information, and assigned fax permissions (where applicable) by clicking the 'Edit' button.

  4. Update any details necessary, then click the "Update User" button to save

  5. You can also modify the user's email address and password by clicking the button as shown here:

  6. To change the password for this user, provide the current password, enter the new password twice, and press the "Update Password" button.

  7. To change the email that is used for logging in, provide the current email, enter the new email twice, and press the "Update Login Email" button.