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  • When you first signup for a SIPStation account we create a default Trunk Group for you.  Think of a Trunk Group as a unique SIP Registration.  A trunk group has a unique SIP Username and SIP Password.
  • When you purchase DIDs you point 1 or more DIDs at a Trunk Group and that Trunk Group is setup to register to your PBX.
  • Inside a single SIPStation location you can have 1 or more Trunk Groups and each Trunk Group is paired with a single PBX.
  • When you buy High Volume Voice Trunks they belong to all Trunk Groups.  Lets look at a example here.
    • Your Location called "ABC Company" has 2 Trunk Groups setup.
      • 1st Trunk Group is setup for the main office that has its own PBX and has 20 DIDs
      • 2nd Trunk Group is setup for the remote office that has its own PBX and 5 DIDs
      • You have purchased 10 High Volume Voice Trunks
    • Between both your Trunk Groups the 10 Voice trunks are shared meaning between both locations you can make or receive a combined 10 PSTN calls at 1 time.
    • If you wanted each location to have their own dedicated and guaranteed trunks you would setup a new Location inside the SIPStation store and not use Trunk Groups.  Only use Trunk Groups when you want to share the Voice Trunks with more than 1 location.  


Creating a new Trunk Group

  • Log into the SIPStation store at
  • Click on the My Account tab at the top

  • Click on the Trunk Groups tab

  • From here we can see we only have a single Trunk Group currently on this location

  • Click on the "Create Trunk Group" button at the top

  • Provide a name for this Trunk Group

  • Each Trunk Group requires at-least 1 DID to be added from your pool of DIDs and we require e911 to be enabled on that DID.  Only 1 single DID on the trunk group needs to have e911.  The rest of the DIDs for the Trunk Group do not require e911.  This requirement is for regulatory purposes that require each unique registration to have e911 setup in the event that you dial 911.

  • Lastly you can pick from a list of all the DIDs on your location that you want to be setup to route to this Trunk Group.  If you pick any DIDs here they will now be setup to route inbound calls to this Trunk Group.
    • You can change what DIDs ring to which Trunk Groups at anytime by following this wiki.  

  • Press the Create Trunk Group button when done.

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