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Faxxbochs/FAXStation CPE devices that are Rev 3/4 have a status web GUI in place to assist in monitoring the unit's activities. The web GUI has two areas of use, both an informational end-user area, and an administrative area.


End-User UI

When connecting to IP address of your CPE device in a web browser, the status page will be shown:


Device Information

This information may be requested by Support. Please ensure you provide all the information displayed in this section, even if an item is not explicitly requested.

  • Hardware Model: Revision of CPE hardware this device is
  • Software Version: Firmware revision
  • Serial Number: Unit serial number
  • Number of Ports: Number of hardware enabled telephony ports, each one capable of interfacing with one fax machine

Network Information

This simply shows you full network parameters currently configured on the CPE device, including IP/mask/gateway/DNS. If your network does not have IPv6 enabled, the IPv6 address may say 'Not Available'. This is to be expected, and is not an issue.

Fax Port Status

This lists all physical ports on your CPE device (two or four) and lists the primary configured DID assigned to that port. Faxes in queue, configured resolution, and any queue errors for that port are also displayed (where applicable)


  • Service Status - This verifies that the back end servers are reachable by this device. If this is not 'OK' for more than a few seconds, please contact support, as there may be an issue with your internet connection. Note that faxes will be held locally (and remotely) until the network connection issues are resolved.
  • Management Status - This monitors the internal management infrastructure. If this is 'Down' there may be a problem with your internet connection. Support personnel may not be able to help troubleshoot your CPE device if the state is not 'OK'. The most common issue is a firewall blocking UDP/4332 - UDP/4339 egress traffic (with stateful return).
  • Last Successful Check - This is the last time the CPE reached out to the fax back end servers for check-in/keepalive/provisioning.
  • Outbound Faxes Queued - This is the number of faxes that are queued up on the CPE to be delivered to the fax service. Depending on load, network speed, and number of pages, it may take several minutes to deliver a fax.


Administrative UI

After opening the web page to your fax CPE device, click the 'Admin' link at the top navigation bar. You will be asked to login.

Web GUI Login Credentials

Username: admin

Password: 222222

If you have any problems logging in, you can reset the web GUI password using the unit administrative functions contained in Feature Codes

Upon login, you will see the administrative web GUI, split into separate sections.


Device Configuration

This mimics the device information screen seen previously in the user area, but adds a "Reboot" button which allows you to reboot the unit.

Network Information

This section also shows the same information as the user area, but gives a new button to change the network configuration.

When clicking the 'Change' button, you will be presented with options to change the network settings

  • Network Mode: This can be DHCP or Static, depending on your network configuration needs
  • IP Address: In DHCP mode, shows the current IP assigned to the unit. In static mode, allows you to enter a new IP address and mask to be statically assigned
  • Default Gateway: In DHCP mode, shows the current default gateway IP assigned to the unit. In static mode, allows you to enter a new default gateway IP to be statically assigned
  • DNS Server(s): In DHCP mode, shows the currently assigned DNS servers. In both DHCP mode and Static mode however, this can be set manually to any DNS severs desired.

Once you are done configuring the unit network settings, click 'Save changes' to save and apply those changes to the CPE device.


Fax Port Status

This area give status information on each fax port, as well as provides options to configure specific resolutions to be used for fax delivery, and the option to send a test page

  • Configure Per-Port Resolution: Allows you to configure what resolution should be used for inbound faxes to this port.
    • Standard (default): Faxes are delivered to your fax machine in "Fine" resolution
    • Limited: Faxes are delivered in normal resolution
    • Maximum: Faxes are delivered in the highest possible resolution as negotiated between the fax CPE and connected fax machine.
  • Ports: Each port shows configured primary DID, and gives the option to initiate a test page to that port



This section gives information on the CPE device's connectivity to the FAXStation platform.

  • Service Status: CPE can checkin for service and provisioning with the FAXStation platform
  • Management Status: CPE is online and available for remote management. This includes firmware updates.
  • Last Successful Check: The duration of time since the last time the CPE device checked in for service/provisioning
  • Outbound Faxes Queued: The number of faxes sent outbound, but not yet delivered to the FAXStation platform for delivery on the PSTN. This should always be 0, or in the case of a busy CPE, may show a low number.

There is also a button to reset the unit to defaults. This removes all custom configurations including port resolutions, network parameters, assigned DIDs, and locally queued faxes (inbound and outbound).


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