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The SIPStation Store allows you to view all current and past invoices for your account (including all locations), as well as to modify Payment Notifications for future payment activity.

Accessing Billing Statements 

  1. Login to the SIPStation Store, then from the upper navigation menu, select "Account Overview", then "Billing"

  2. A list of all billing statements will be shown. You can filter the statements shown by entering filters into the search box such as location name

  3.  You can view a PDF of each statement by selecting the green "View Last Statement" button, present for each available statement. The statement PDF will open in a new window

Payment Notifications:

By default, we will notify the email address on file with any payment errors or issues. However, you can also "opt in" to receive Payment notifications for all activity in which the card on file is being charged for monthly statements, Top Up/Metered charges, or other activity on your account.

To enable this, from your SIPStation Account access "My Account", and then go to Account Configuration under the My Services banner.

Under the Account Configuration tab, scroll down to Payment Notifications, and toggle the slider "on" as shown below:

Note this will take effect immediately, and only for all transactions moving forward.

Taxes and Fees

If you are a tax exempt organization at any level, Federal, State or Local, you may open a ticket with our Customer Success team to discuss. You can open a ticket by emailing [email protected] You should attach any relevant documentation when contacting us about this, and if there are other documents we need or certifications we need you to fill out we will let you know. We can then program your account to be exempt and if applicable, reprocess recent past Statements to determine any credit that may be due.

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