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All new SIPStation accounts MUST be verified. The process is quick and helps battle today's world of ever-growing internet fraud.

Verification Process:

In order to verify your account we need to have you call us at:

(256) 428-6175

The process should take less than 60 seconds and will also give you the opportunity to ask questions about our service and company. If all agents are busy due to high call volume, you may go to voicemail. Please leave a message and an agent will contact you shortly to verify the account.

Until the Verification Process is Complete:

Your account will be provisionally activated upon an initial purchase. This means it will be operational right away, but you must initiate the verification process within 24 hours of account creation to ensure service is not temporarily suspended by our system because of an unverified state. An unverified account will have reduced functionality, such as no access to metered services including international calling, toll-free service, and call concurrency bursting. In addition, we are unable to port numbers into an unverified account or fulfill special orders for new DIDs. Other account limitations may also trigger, so it's important to immediately verify your account after creation to get the full capabilities and all the great services we have to offer!