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Changing location information

You can change the location information, such as name and address, any time for any location by logging into the SIPStation Store and click on "Account Overview", then "Locations".  Please review our Locations wiki for an in-depth explanation of locations.

Changing a user's information, login e-mail address, and password

You can change a user's information such as name, title, and phone numbers, as well as his or her login e-mail address and password, any time for any location by logging into the SIPStation Store and clicking on "Account Overview", then "Users".  Please see our Editing User and Login Information wiki for more details.

Merging separate existing accounts into one account

A single SIPStation account can contain multiple locations. A "location" can be thought of as a "sub-account." If you have multiple SIPStation accounts and would like to merge them, please see our Merging Accounts wiki for instructions.

Create new users

A single organization can have multiple users who can manage a location. Users can log into both the SIPStation Store and the Sangoma Portal with the same login information. Please see our Users wiki for instructions.

Creating new locations

Inside the SIPStation store, you can create new locations to buy additional services for everyone under your account at any time by clicking on "Account Overview", then "Locations", then "Create new Location".  Each location has its own service and billed separately.