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This Upgrade Guides is for upgrading a single SBC. If you have a High Availability setup, please first refer to the HA Upgrade Guide.

Step 1 - Backup

Login to the webUI and go to System->Backup-Restore and click Backup


Select the backup type System Backup and then name the backup or leave the name blank for the default name. Then click Backup to start the backup process. 


Once the backup is complete click the Download button to save a copy of the backup. The backup will save on the SBC itself as well, but its best practice to have a copy outside of the SBC. 


Step 2 - Download Update

Go to and download the latest version of your SBC. Ensure you download the upgrade package which will have the word "update" in the file name and the file extension TGZ. 


Step 3 - Upload Update to SBC

Go to System->Management->Update and then click the Upload button. 


Click Choose File to find the file update package on your system. 


Once the file is selected verify it says "update.tgz" as shown below and then click the Upload button. 


The file will be uploaded from your computer to the SBC. The upload time will vary depending on the network connection between the two devices. Wait for this to complete. 


Once completed the page will refresh and the update will be displayed as shown below. 


Step 4 - Installing Update

Click the Install button to begin installing the update. Verify the SBC has been stopped in the control panel before clicking Install. 


Click the Ok button to proceed with the update. 


The update will begin installing as shown below. 


Once the update is done the SBC will restart automatically or click the Ok button here to trigger the restart right away. 


Once the SBC reboots log into the webUI again and verify the version has been updated. To do this look at the top left under the logo. This will show the exact version number. Once this is completed then the update is finished. Start the SBC up the SBC and place some test calls to verify everything is working correctly. 

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