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SSH General Settings

  • Go to System → Server → Secure Shell 
    1. Network InterfaceHere you can select interface that secure shell listens on.
    2. Port - Enter the port number that secure shell listens on.
    3. SSH - Password Authentication - Warning: Disable password authentication will block the user login with password authentication.  To access, the system users should add the SSH public key in user settings and enable SSH Login Without Password.

SSH Key Configuration

  • Go to System → Settings → Users and edit your user settings. 
    1. SSH Login without Password - Enable/disable. Public key authentication allows user to login to this host via the SSH protocol without a password.
    2. SSH Public KeyAdd your public key in the text area. Use this public key while connecting to this system via SSH. 
      SSH key should be "ssh-rsa" or "ssh-dsa" type.

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