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Sangoma SBC Services are split into three sections

  • Application Service
    • Main SBC Application
  • Security Services
    • Security services associated with Main SBC application
  • Media Services
    • Media services that work in conjunction with Main SBC application

Sangoma SBC Service Descriptions

NetBorder Session ControllerApplication ServicesMain SBC application service. Main SIP and Proxy application.
IP FirewallSecurity ServiceIP Firewall configuration. Used to create ip firewall rules such as block ports 
IP Firewall is automatically used by other security services as part of overall SBC security
Intrusion DetectionSecurity ServiceRules based intrusion detection. 
When the rules match known attack pattern, the event is passed to the Intrusion Prevention service
Intrusion PreventionSecurity ServiceProcesses Intrusion Detection Events and applies Firewall rules on incoming ip addresses or ports such as block
Secure ShellSecurity ServiceSSH console login
SIP Security MonitorSecurity ServiceAttaches to the Main SBC application and monitors SIP signalling events. Once an event is detected it takes action. 
Such as overload detection of SIP INVITES, Registration or Mangled packets and employs the firewall to take action such as block
Media FirewallSecurity ServiceAttaches to the Main SBC application and monitors RTP media events. 
It opens and closes local RTP ports based on SDP information
RTCP MonitorMedia ServiceAttaches to the Main SBC application and monitors RTCP media control events. 
It logs the RTCP statistics and triggers media quality events to the user

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