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Sangoma SBC supports error and event monitoring and reporting functionality.

Using the WebGUI Notification page, user can setup reporting based on

    • Threshold based events
    • Error events
    • Capacity events
    • Audio quality events

Events are delivered via

  • Email
  1. Configuring Monitoring:
    1. From the SBC Web UI, browse to the System => Monitoring => Audit Points page
    2. Enable Monitoring with specific thresholds on the Audit points you want to monitor and click save
    3. Example of a Audit Point Notification 
      1. 14:14:03 Critical System Memory Usage % ERROR
        14:13:30 Critical System Memory Usage % SUCCESS

      2.  In the example in below table usage is 75.3% crossing threshold 75% shows status as ERROR. When the usage drops back to 55.2% shows SUCCESS.


        CriticalSystemMemory Usage %SUCCESSmemory usage check succeeded [current mem usage=55.2%]
        CriticalSystemMemory Usage %ERRORmemory usage of 75.3% matches resource limit [memory usage>75.0%]
  2. Enabling Notifications
    1. From the SBC Web UI, browse to the System => Monitoring => Notifications page

    2. Click Edit in the Notifier section, Enable Notification and enter the settings of the SMTP mail server to use for sending the notifications

    3. Click on Add in the notification rules section and Select the following:
      1. The service to send notification for (Has to match one of the configured Audit Points services)
      2. The severity of the failure on the selected service that should trigger a notification
      3. The notification medium (email or report)
      4. SBC user to whom the notification should be sent (email address used to send the notification will be the configured SBC user email address).
    4. Click on Save
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