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Release 2.3 GA - Recommended for production use

SBC ReleaseDownload LinkDescriptionChangeLogDate
2.3.27-126-GAnsc-2.3.27-126-GA.isoComplete NSC VM Installation ISO ImageRelease NotesJanuary 30 2020
2.3.27-126-GAnsc-2.3.27-126-GA.update.tgzUpgrade Package (Update Instructions)Release NotesJanuary 30 2020
2.3.27-126-GAnsc-2.3.27-126-GA-unattended.isoUnattended NSC VM Installation ISO ImageRelease NotesJanuary 30 2020

For minor/major version upgrades, begin by upgrading to the latest minor patch version, before upgrading the minor/major version.

In example, to upgrade from 2.2.1-18-GA to latest, one would first need to upgrade to 2.2.14-57-GA and only then upgrade to 2.3.23-119-GA

Use of special characters for the system/root password in the installer application is not supported.

Release 3.0 - Recommended for new standalone installations

SBC ReleaseDownload LinkDescriptionChangeLogDate
3.0.1-9-GAnsc-3.0.1-9-GA.isoComplete NSC VM Installation ISO ImageRelease NotesAugust 21 2020

Note: Default root password is "SangomaDefaultPassword" and it is case sensitive. 

Release 3.0 is not currently recommended for HA deployments.

Legacy Releases

SBC ReleaseDownload LinkDescriptionChangeLogDate
2.2.14-57-GAnsc-2.2.14-57-GA.isoComplete NSC VM Installation ISO ImageRelease NotesDecember 14 2017
2.2.14-57-GAnsc-2.2.14-57-GA.update.tgzUpgrade Package (Update Instructions)Release NotesDecember 14 2017


Click Here For Update Steps

Install the Sangoma SBC ISO into your Sangoma appliance or custom hardware with a virtual machine (ie:VMWare/ VirtualBox / KVM)

  • Minimum VM Requirements

CPU         1 core
Memory   2048 MB
Network   Bridged  

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