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Sangoma SBC Appliance

Fully integrated Industrial grade telco appliance running a customized OS, Sangoma SBC Application and Media interfaces configured and installed by Sangoma. Sangoma SBC Appliance provides a full-featured, carrier-class SBC deployment while leveraging the flexibility and cost effectiveness of standard computing platforms

Hadware Specifications

Carrier Hardware SpecificationEnterprise Hardware Specification
Industrial grade telecom applianceIndustrial grade telecom appliance
Size: 1U and 2U – 19’‘ Rack mountSize: 1U and 2U – 19’‘ Rack mount
Min Capacity: 250 Sessions/Calls (1U)Min Capacity: 25 Sessions/Calls (1U)
Max Capacity: 4000 Sessions/Calls (1U/2U)Max Capacity: 250 Sessions/Calls (1U)
Power: AC, DC, Redundant AC/DCPower: AC Only
AC Power Supply (Redundant) 
DC Power Supply (Redundant) 
The Input Current for -48VDC, is 12.0A (RMS). 
With Inrush Current of 20.0A MAX.
Depth: 20’‘Depth: 8”
Weight: 36lbWeight: 20lb
2 Gigabit Network Interfaces2 Gigabit Network Interfaces
1 or 2 High Density DSP InterfacesDSP Interface
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