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Before performing the firmware update procedure described in this page you must first complete a regular software update as described in the Software Update page. You must also stop the SBC service.

When the SBC firmware changes, each DSP must be updated with the new firmware. In order to do that we must first perform a scan to discover available DSPs. Go to "Configuration -> IP Settings -> Media Interfaces" and click on the "Modify" button of the "Media Server Configuration"section. Make sure you have stopped the SBC service first.

In the next screen select your desired media server interfaces settings and click on "Detect".

If your DSPs have a firmware out of date you will get a warning like the one below:

Click on the "Update" button in the warning above and you will start the firmware update procedure. If you do not get a warning, your firmware is already up to date and you don't need to do anything else other than applying any pending changes to the configuration that you may have.

This procedure may take anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes depending on how many DSPs do you have. Do not refresh your browser window or do anything else while the firmware update is in progress. Once the firmware update is completed you will get a confirmation page like this:

Click on "Click here to re-scan" and you will be back to the scanning page. Proceed with the scan again and apply configuration. At this point your firmware is updated and firmware configuration changes applied. You can proceed to start the SBC service again.

NOTE: In some cases your appliance may require a full power cycle (power off/power on), otherwise the SBC service won't start. This is a known issue with some D-Series hardware. If your service starts without problems you can disregard this warning, otherwise, please proceed to perform a power off/power on cycle (reboot/restart is not enough).

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