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Multi-Service Business Gateway (MSBG) is the name given to Sangoma's SBC product that incorporates a PRI Gateway, all-in-one.
Now as well as SIP, TDM connections can also be terminated on SBCs.

  • TDM PBXs
  • PSTN trunks

If you wish to convert a Sangoma SBC into an MSBG, simply install a Sangoma TDM Card (i.e. a101/102/a104) into the SBC appliance.
The software will automatically detect the Sangoma card and expose the PRI gateway and create basic routing functions. 
(SBC software 2.2 and higher is required to convert your SBC into an MSBG)


Installation and Configuration Guides


Use Case

The problem to Solve:

  • Customer has a new site with an IP-PBX that wants to connect to PSTN using an E1T1
    • Perhaps nervous about SIP


  • Insert an SBC with TDM
  • Calls flow in and out of PSTN


Second Stage:


  • Customer decides he wants to use SIPtrunking
    • Lower costs
    • More flexibility


  • Incoming calls still from PSTN
    • Porting can take time

Third Stage:

  • Customer's business is growing, IP-PBX is full so they add local IP-phones and remote users
    • All hosted from Sangoma SBC


Use Case Summary


  • SBC with TDM is extremely flexible
  • Can be used to enable migration or to connect multiple bearer types networks or equipment
  • Can also be used for connecting TDM PBX to SIP and PSTN:



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