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Throughout the the following examples, we have 2 SBCs, dut-ha1 and dut-ha2 in High Availability setup.

Initially, dut-ha1 is running as a [MASTER] and dut-ha2 is running as a [SLAVE]. 

Firmware Update must be performed on both machines and they must be running the same firmware version initially.

SBC update is always performed on the [SLAVE] SBC only. This minimize the possible service downtime.

Step 1 - Copy configuration from Master dut-ha1 to Slave dut-ha2

On the [MASTER] dut-ha1 perform a Copy configuration to Slave action, if configuration has not been copied to Slave.

Step 2 - Upgrading the Slave dut-ha2

The first step is to stop the Slave Cluster Service. Please be reminded that HA control must be performed on the [MASTER] WebUI, in this case dut-ha1.

IMPORTANT: High Availability control management must be performed from [MASTER] WebUI.

  1. Point your browser to access the [MASTER] dut-ha1 WebUI and go to the Control Panel page.
  2. Stop the [SLAVE] dut-ha2 by selecting "Stop cluster service" for dut-ha2 and click the "Execute" button. Follow the on screen instructions to complete the action.

Confirm that [SLAVE] dut-ha2 is OFFLINE

We are ready to upgrade dut-ha2 once its cluster service is stopped. The firmware update must be performed via the WebUI of the target machine dut-ha2.

IMPORTANT: Firmware update must be performed from the WebUI of the target machine.

Please switch your browser to point to dut-ha2 WebUI and follow the Standalone Upgrade Guide. At the end of the upgrade procedure, the machine will reboot.

Login into the [SLAVE] dut-ha2 Web UI and verify the new version.

IMPORTANT: After reboot the SBC, do NOT apply configuration on [SLAVE]

Please switch your browser back to [MASTER] dut-ha1 WebUI and start the [SLAVE] dut-ha2 cluster service.

Step 3 - Migrate SBC service from dut-ha1 to dut-ha2

After dut-ha2 has been updated to a new version. We can now have dut-ha2 to take over the SBC service.

From [MASTER] dut-ha1 WebUI, select "Migrate to this node" for dut-ha2 and click on the "Execute" button.

Follow the on screen instruction to complete the action.

Once the migration is completed, confirm that dut-ha1 has change status to [SLAVE] and dut-ha2 becomes the [MASTER].

You have successfully migrated SBC service to dut-ha2.

Apply configuration on the [MASTER] dut-ha2.

IMPORTANT:  Do NOT perform a HA Copy configuration to Slave on the [MASTER].

Step 4 - Upgrading the slave dut-ha1

Once dut-ha1 becomes a [SLAVE], we can now update firmware on dut-ha1.

Please following the same procedure in section "Upgrading the slave dut-ha2".

Note: Please be reminded that we must first "Stop cluster service" for dut-ha1 from the [MASTER] dut-ha2 WebUI.

After the upgrade reboot on [SLAVE] dut-ha1, login into the Web UI and verify the new version.

IMPORTANT: After reboot the SBC, do NOT apply configuration on [SLAVE]

Please switch your browser back to [MASTER] dut-ha2 WebUI and start the [SLAVE] dut-ha1 cluster service.

Step 5 - Copy configuration from Master dut-ha2 to Slave dut-ha1

On the [MASTER] dut-ha2,  verify that [SLAVE] dut-ha1 cluster service is online.

Navigate to HA Configuration page and  copy configuration to [SLAVE] dut-ha1.

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