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Step 1: Unpair the Machines

  • On the HA Master Node, delete the Peer node [HA Slave Node] that failed to upgrade.

Step 2: Reinstall (fresh install) the failed machine

  • Before doing a fresh install on the failed Peer Node [HA Slave Node] machine, download the latest configuration backup.

  • Install on the failed Peer Node [HA Slave Node] machine a fresh NSC version that was previously used.

Step 3: Restore from the configuration backup

  • Upload the backup to the Peer Node [HA Slave Node] machine

  • Restore from the backup

  • Restart the system

Step 4: Perform an update to the new release

  • On the Peer Node [HA Slave Node], upgrade NSC version that matches the version on the HA Master Node.

  • Install the the update.

Step 5: Reattach to the peer node

  • On the Peer Node [HA Slave Node], generate an access key done on the HA settings page.

  • On the HA Master Node HA settings page, add the generated access key as a Peer node. Before adding a Peer node, make sure the Cluster Service is offline and the HA Operational mode is set to Disabled.

Stopping the Cluster Service will also terminate the NetBorder Session Controller services on the HA Master Node.

  • On the HA Master Node, before committing to the HA copying configuration to Peer action make sure the all the other HA configurations are setup properly including HA configuration settings, Floating IP, and SIP profile that is used for HA. Refer to the High Availablity Failover to verify. Proceed to copy configuration to Peer, once HA Master Node is setup for HA.

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