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Before generating your license files ensure you've received a license key from sales. 

  1. Go to to visit the license file generation page.
  2. For appliances you will need to get your hard disk serial number using the command below. For VM SBC's you will need to use your MAC address using the command below. These commands need to be ran on the Linux CLI of your SBC.

    Appliance (hard disk serial number) Command:     sudo hdparm -I /dev/sda | grep -i serial

    VM's (Mac Address) Command:     ifconfig | grep -i hwa

  3. Copy/paste the hard drive serial number or MAC address into the license file generation page. 
  4. Enter the key given by the license key from the sales team into the license file generation page.
  5. Press submit on the page and your license files will be generated. To download your license click on the provided URL. 

Uploading License to the SBC

  1. Once the license file is downloaded, you can upload it to the SBC by going to System→Settings→ License and then clicking the Upload button, as shown below. 

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