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Sangoma SBC has the ability to send/mirror it's SIP traffic to an HEP capture server like Homer. The SBC supports HEP versions 1, 2 and 3.

To Enable HEP capture on a specific SIP profile follow these instructions:

  1. Enable and configure HEP Capture Server settings:
      1. From SBC Web Gui browse to the following page: Configuration => Core
      2. Select Enable for the "Enable SIP Capture" field
      3. Enter the HEP capture server settings in the "HEP Capture Server" field following the following format: <transport>:<capture_server_address>:<capture_server_port>;hep=<hep_version>;capture_id=<capture_id>
        1. <transport>: The capture server transport,  udp or tcp
        2. <capture_server_address>: IP address of the capture server
        3. <hep_version>: The HEP version 1, 2 or 3
        4. <capture_id>: An integer representing an id that will tag all captures from this SBC
          Example: udp:;hep=3;capture_id=100
      4. Save the config and apply it

  2.  Enable SIP Capture sending from the SIP Profile Setting
    1. From SBC Web Gui browse to the following page: Configuration => SIP Profiles
    2. Modify for the SIP profile for which you want to enable SIP Capture
    3. Click Edit on the Profile Summary page
    4. In the Profile Settings general section, choose Enable for SIP Capture option
    5. Save the config and apply it (NB: You will need to restart SBC service to properly apply the settings, i.e Apply & Restart option)
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