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Modify Caller ID Number

Create following additional rule in the existing dial plan before routing the call. if your Bridge rule in your Dial Plan is ranked 10 , you can create new rule with rank 5 so that it is executed before bridging the call.

Select stop policy Continue.

In the Condition field, select Standard Information , Name as Caller ID Number and set the Expression field to the regular expression for matching selection criteria.

Select Action field as Export Variable with Name as effective_caller_id_number and set the Value to desired expression.

The following example rule will replace +36 prefix with 06 in the Caller ID Number before routing the call to next destination. Meaning +36XXXXX will be changed to 06XXXXX .


Similarly you can modify Call ID Name by selecting Name as Caller ID Name in Condition .

Ignore Display Updates

Use P-Asserted-Identity 

Use P-Preffered-Identify   

Rate Limit Inbound calls from any calling party, per calling party

useful to prevent malicious dialers from repeated call attempts
The below screenshot is rate limiting a specific source for more than 1 call attempt with 8 seconds.
(alter as needed)
If the rate limit is reached/triggered, a 404 response will occur



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