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How to configure HTTP Storage for CDRs

  • Open the SBC WebUI and go to Configuration / Reporting / CDR.
  • Enable HTTP Storage and provide the URL that will receive the HTTP POST request from the SBC.
  • The retry / time-out values can be left on default.
  • Click Save and activate the new config by hovering your mouse over Configuration on the top right and then click Reload.

When the reload is complete, the SBC will send an HTTP POST request to the specified URL at the end of each call (successful and failed calls) which will contain the CDR for this call in XML format.

You will need an application running on the webserver that receives (and understands) the CDRs inside the POST request.

Testing CDR HTTP Storage

An easy way to test the functionality is the website . When you open that site you will be given an auto-generated URL (and an email address, ignore that).

Keep this page open and copy-paste the URL into the HTTP URL field on the SBC CDR config page.

Save and activate, then make a call through the SBC. The website should then display the POST request sent by your SBC.

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