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This pages shows exactly how to backup and then restore your SBC. This is typically used to ensure the installation is clean and to ensure any unauthorized access. The backup will only backup the SBC related information, and therefore anything else on the SBC will be removed during the reinstall. 

1) Log into the SBC, go to Configuration → Management → Backup - Restore and then click Backup. Once the dialog box pops up simply select the backup type of System Backup, and the click Backup. 

2) The backup should take only a few seconds. Once completed you will see the message below. Simply click on the Download button to save a copy to your computer. Triple check this file is saved, as it will contain all config of your SBC. 

3) Next note down the version of your SBC. This will be in the top Left hand side of the webUI. Once this is sorted out then go to one of the FTP links below to download the exact version of your SBC. Its important you get the same version to ensure the restore works well. 

Version 2.2.X ->
Version 2.3.X ->

4) Once this is completed then burn the ISO to DVD or write it to a USB using one of the links below. 

USB ->
DVD ->

5) Once this is completed then place the USB or DVD into the server and power it up. You should then see the screenshot below. On this screen select standard console if you are accessing the server over a VGA/DVI port. Or select serial port if you are access it over a serial port. 

If you do not see this, but instead you see the SBC booting up again then you will have to go into the BIOS. Once in the BIOS you will have to configure the system to boot first on the USB or the DVD drive, depending on which you used. You should be able to boot up the system and press either F2 or DEL to get into the BIOS and adjust this. 

6) On this screen select the keyboard layout for your keyboard. 

7) On this screen type "Install" into the box and then TAB to get to the OK box, and hit enter. 

8) On this screen it is recommended to select Manual Configuration for IPv4. This way you can set a static IP on the SBC to access the webUI. 

9) Below is an example of setting up the SBC with a IP and subnet. 

10) On this screen simply type in the host name for your SBC. It needs to be in a valid FQDN format. For an example it can't be "SBC". It needs to be at-least sbc.local or something like this. 

11) On the next screen type in the root password. Ensure you select a secure password. 

12) The SBC will then begin to format the drive and do a fresh installation. 

13) Once the installation completes, open your web browser and acces the SBC webUI. You will need to use the root account and password configured during the installation. Once in the webUI go to Configuration → Management → Backup - Restore and then click Upload. On the dialog box select choose file and then select the System backup stored on your computer. Once done click Upload to send it to the SBC. 

14) On the next page click the Restore button next to the System Backup to begin the restore. 

15) When the dialog box below appears ensure you do NOT check any of the boxes; leave them empty. This will ensure your SBC is fully restored from the backup. 

16)  Once this is completed you will see the message below to restart your SBC. Simply click on the Restart System button to reboot the system. 

17) On the next page ensure the Restart is the mode selected and then click Apply. 

18) Once the dialog box comes up click Restart to confirm the restart. 

19) Once the system boots up simply apply all the configure changes. 

20) Then go to Overview→ Dashboard→ Control Panel and press the Start button to start the SBC. 

21) A dialog box will be presented to confirm you want to start the SBC. Ensure you click the OK button to confirm this. 

22) Once the SBC is started the status should be "Started" as shown below. 

23) Now the SBC needs to be stopped in order to update the SBC to the latest version. Press the Stop button and verify it is stopped as shown below. Once this is done click on the Update in the top Right. 

24) In the Update page you should see a new update waiting to be downloaded. Press the Download button to start the download. 

If you do not see this, or you are current on 2.2.x go to SBC Downloads to download the latest SBC version of either 2.2.x or 2.3.x depending on the version you are running. It is important that if you are on a 2.2.x version of the SBC then you must go to the latest 2.2.x before going to 2.3.x. If you downloaded from SBC Downloads then upload the file using the upload button. Or if you see the 

25) Now that the update is downlaoded then simply press the Install button to begin the installation. 

26) You will then see the dialog box below. Simply click OK to restart the SBC.     

27) At this point the SBC will reboot and you will see the system has been updated. If you started on 2.2.x and are now on the latest 2.2.x verison, then repeat steps #24 to #26 to upgrade to the latest 2.3.x version. 

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