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The changes made in the Configuration section of the WebUI are only stored one the scratch disk. 
User MUST proceed to Apply page in the Management Section to save new configuration

There are two ways to apply configuration.

    • Most of the pages across the system will notify you as soon as you make changes that require to be applied. \
      • You can click there on “Apply Configuration”.
    • Alternatively one can navigate to “Configuration -> Management -> Apply

It is not necessary to apply the configuration changes immediately every time you make them. 
You can go around the web interface making all the changes you need and then only apply them at the end when you’re ready to test them or deploy them.

Most of the configuration changes require a service restart, however, certain modules such as 

    • Call Routing
    • Domain Users

allow you to apply the configuration changes without restarting the NetBorder Session Controller service.

Configuration / Apply Options

The Apply section will inform the user what changes were made on the SBC.
It will also inform the user how the SBC will be affected when the configuration is applied.

Configuration task can be split into two categories

    • Re-loadable Configuration
    • Restart Configuration

Re-loadable Configuration

You will see a button such as “Apply Call Routing”, which then applies the call routing changes without requiring a restart of the service and the changes will be taken by the running service instead immediately.

Restart Configuration

You will see a button requesting a Restart in order to fully apply configuration.

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