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1) Power off the VM and add the additional NIC. Then power up the VM. 

2) Log into the webUI and go to Configuration → IP Settings → Network and you will see only a single ethX device as shown below. The reason is the webUI has not yet detected the new NIC. 

3) To detect the new NIC in the webUI SSH into the SBC using your webUI username and password. 

4) Once logged in run the command below to gain root privileges. As shown in the screen shot, the command prompt will change from $ to #. This indicates you now have root privileges

Command:   sudo su -

5) Now run the command below in order for the webUI to detect the new NIC. Below is a screen shot of the command running successfully. 

Command:   /usr/local/nsc/hooks/ --mode=update

6) Now refresh the Configuration → IP Settings → Network webUI page and you will see the new network interface. Below eth1 is the new interface. 

7) Last step is to add an IP to the interface. Go to the IP tab at Configuration → IP Settings → Network  and click Add. 

8) Configure the IP on the new interface as shown below, then click save. 

9) The new IP will now be in the list. 

10) Last step is to apply the configuration as shown below. 

11) Once applied the NIC will be UP as shown below. As well you will see the new ethX device in the output of the ifconfig command, as shown below too. At this point the NIC is ready to use. 

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