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  1. Power off the VM
  2. Add a new network interface, but set a custom MAC address that begins with "02:19:23". For an example a MAC address of "02:19:23:11:22:33" would work well. The last 3 octets can be anything you would like. 
  3. Power up the VM
  4. Log into the VM console or SSH into the VM
  5. Run the command below once logged in. This will allow the webUI to detect the new network interface. 
    Command:  /usr/local/nsc/hooks/ --mode=update
  6. Log into the webUI and you should see a sngdsp0 interface. If you don't see it, then reboot the VM and run the script from step #5 again. 
  7. If you do see the sngdsp0 interface, then continue to Media interfaces to configure the board in hardware trans-coding mode. 

The steps above assume the D150 is physically connected to the same subnet as the new virtual interface being added to the VM. The way the SBC detects the D150 is by doing a layer 2 broadcast, so this means the D150 has to be in the same network. You can use VLANs, but the tags need to be set on the switch port or in the VM host when making the NIC. Meaning the SBC interface and D150 can't tag the traffic, but if the switch and VM host do this, then it will be transparent. If you need further help with more complex networks please reach out to our support team for assistance. 
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