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The RMS Public Beta is now closed.


RMS is Sangoma’s Cloud-based remote monitoring service providing FreePBX and PBXact administrators with real-time information, metric and alerts. 
It's intuitive client dashboard, called the RMS Portal, provides quick access to information you need to know, right away. 
RMS is tightly integrated with FreePBX and PBXact UC, installation and configuration is automatic via RMS Monitoring FreePBX module 
No other monitoring application provides as much information about your FreePBX infrastructure as RMS does, "out-of-the-box". 


  • PBX Alerts
    • Automated email alerts that provide early warning or critical notifications to PBX administrators
  • PBX Graphs
    • Graphs for PBX, Telephony, Network, System and Hardware data.
  • PBX Information
    • PBX version, system and hardware information
  • RMS Monitoring administration module
    • FreePBX/PBXact modules used to install and configure RMS service for a given PBX.

RMS Checks and Metrics

RMS service monitors all layers of FreePBX Systems.

  • FreePBX
  • VoIP
  • Operating System
  • Hardware

FreePBX Checks and Metrics

  • Call Statistics
  • CDR Statistics
  • Fraud Statistics
  • Process Status and Statistics
  • Extension Status and Statistics
  • Trunk Status and Statistics
  • Dahdi Status and Statistics
  • Sangoma Cards, Wanpipe Status and Statistics
  • Asterisk error logs

OS Checks and Metrics

  • CPU, Memory, Networking, Disk Status and Statistics
  • Kernel and Process Status and Statistics
  • Raid Status and Statistics
  • System and File System error logs

Hardware Checks and Metrics

  • Hard-Disk/SSD status 
  • Network device status and statistics
  • System temperature status and statistics

RMS Statistics

  • All statistics are kept for 12 months
  • High resolution stats for 3 months
  • RMS Agent
    • Secure TLS connection between agent and RMS Cloud
    • Memory: 100MB 
    • CPU overhead: 1% or less


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