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Keeping your PBXact system up to date is an important aspect of maintenance. Fortunately, this is a relatively straightforward process.

You'll need to be on a current Peace of Mind Plan support contract (POMP) to upgrade your PBXact system. See the How to Purchase Support Credits wiki for more information on how to purchase POMPs.

It is strongly recommended that a full backup of the system (13 or 14) be made prior to the upgrade steps below. If necessary, this backup can be used as a restore point to a new install. Note also that the new Backup and Restore module in FreePBX 15 allows restores of backups made by previous versions.

Upgrade Your PBXact Version 14 to PBXact 15

How to install PBX upgrade tool 

We need to download and install the latest pbx upgrade tool. Please find below steps to install PBX upgrade.

  1. Jump to ""updates" section by clicking "Pbxact GUI → Admin → Updates" 

  2. Then select "Module updates" tab and click on "Check Online" option 

  3. Once "Check online" operation is finished, it will show you available modules to install.

    "PBX upgrade"  module will also be display like shown in below screenshot. 

    Select "download all" and proceed further by selecting "process" button.

  4. This will further ask confirmation to install new PBX upgrader module. Please confirm and proceed further.

  5. After confirmation, PBX upgrader module will gets installed and then we can return back to module admin page.

  6. Module admin page, we can see PBX upgrader module is installed successfully.


How to use PBX upgrade tool

Please find below steps to use PBX upgrader to upgrade your PBXact-14 system to PBXact-15.

  1. Once PBX upgrade module is installed, you can find that module under "PBXact GUI → Module admin" section.

  2. After selecting 14 to 15 Upgrade tool, below page will reopen where we can check the features of PBXact-15 by expanding the tab or else move to next step by clicking "Check the requirements" button.

  3.  You will see all passed validation as soon as "requirements check" process is over. Move to next step by clicking "Proceed to upgrade process".

  4. Upgrade process will start with below wizard.  Click on "next" will start downloading new modules as per PBX 15 system.

  5. Step-2 of upgrade wizard will take some time so "do not refresh the web browser" and let the process to finish. 

  6. This process will take some time due to downloading , installing all new PBXact 15 modules. 
    Wizard will display the status and on successful completion it will ask you to "refresh" the page.


  7.  Click on "Refresh" which will take you to the Module admin page to show PBXact 15 module list.  Upgrade to PBXact 15 is done.

  8. The upgrade process will take you back to the Web GUI where you have to complete the installation clicking on the "Apply Config" red button at the top of the page.

Upgrade Your PBXact Version 13 to PBXact 15

The recommended path from PBXact 13 to PBXact-15 is to use the "Backup & Restore" functionality to take a Backup from the working PBXact-13 system and then restore to newly installed PBXact-15 system.

The following steps will have you up and running on a PBXact-15 system with the same configuration as your existing PBXact-13 system. 

  1. Take Backup of your PBXact-13 System.
    1. Take full backup of your PBXact-13 system using Backup & Restore module of PBXact-13.  Please refer to Using the Backup module for further details of how to configure and take full backup of your 13 system.
  2. Ensure PBXact-15 which is running on another server is fully up-to-date with system rpm's and modules. Please refer to Updates#ModuleUpdates for more details.
  3. Restore 
    1. Please note that Backup & Restore has been completely re-designed in PBXact-15 so so you will see GUI differences in the way it used to work in PBXact-13 vs PBXact-15.
    2. Please refer to  Backup & Restore wiki to know more about PBXact-15 Backup & Restore module. 
    3. We can restore the configurations by uploading the PBXact-13 generated configuration backup to "PBXact GUI → Admin → Backup & Restore → Restore tab".
    4. After a successful restore , your PBXact-13 is successfully replicated to new PBXact-15.

Tips and Tricks

Some customers are reporting  "PBXACT Licence is not supported on FreePBX 15" message especially on a fresh PBXact 15 installation. The system message looks like the following:

[[email protected] ~]# fwconsole sysadmin activate 870XXXXX
Attempting to activate against deployment '870XXXXX'
Running /var/www/html/admin/modules/sysadmin/bin/activate_existing 87005867
Asking for deployment 870XXXXX...Error!
PBXACT Licence is not supported on FreePBX 15

Whenever this happens to you before trying to activate the system once again, please issue the following command

fwconsole ma upgrade sysadmin


fwconsole ma upgrade core framework

Now it's time to retry the activation!

Happy PBXact-ing!

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