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           **You must purchase one phone number for e911 purposes. 

  • Clicking NEXT will walk you through selecting additional services

  • Select any Fax Service you desire
     ** More Information about Fax Service can be found at FAXStation

  • Select any Sangoma Phone you would like to add to your order. 

** Note that you can now rent phones from Sangoma under 1 year or 3 year savings plans - for more details please visit

  ** More information about Sangoma's Full line of Phone products can be found at Phone Specs

  • Select any PBX Modules you would like to add

  • If you are a returning customer simply login. If you are new please click CREATE ACCOUNT.

  • Submitting will take you the payment page and the option to choose a Cloud Plan and save money (note: Savings Plans only available for new accounts/customers at this time).

  • Click SUBMIT ORDER to complete and start setup

  • Your PBX is now being created and set up.  The status will update through the following cycles:

  • Once everything is configured, you will be prompted with a Go To Your PBXact Cloud button which will take you into the PBXact Cloud Store and Service section.


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