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PBXact Cloud Systems Feature Support Included in All Systems

Business FeaturesCalling FeaturesTelephony Support
  • Flexible Time-Based Call Routing
  • Built-In Conference Bridge
  • Fax to E-mail
  • Hunt/Ring Groups
  • Music on Hold
  • Voicemail Blasting
  • Find Me / Follow Me Calling
  • Personal IVRs
  • Wake Up Calls
  • Support for Video Calling
  • Secure Communications (SRTP/TLS)
  • Announcements
  • Text to Speech
  • Calling Queues (ACD)
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
  • CRM Link Module
  • Three-Way Calling Support
  • Voicemail
  • Voicemail to E-mail
  • Caller ID Support
  • Call Transfer
  • Call Recording
  • Do Not Disturb
  • Call Waiting
  • Call History / Call Detail Records
  • Call Event Logging
  • Speed Dials
  • Caller Blacklisting
  • Call Screening
  • Open Standards Support
  • SIP
  • WebRTC
  • Softphone Support
  • Specialty Device Support
  • Door Phones
  • Overhead Paging
  • Strobe Alerts
  • Paging Gateways
  • Voice Gateways
  • Failover Devices
  • Desktop and Mobile Phone Support
AdministrationUser Control Panel (UCP)
  • Upgrade System with Granular Control
  • System Dashboards
  • Bulk Import Utilities (Trunks, Extensions, Users, DIDs)
  • Localization in both GUI and Sound Files for Multiple Languages
  • Backup and Restore Utilities
  • Custom Destination Administration
  • Web-based Config File Management When Needed
  • System Recording Management
  • GUI Controls for DNS, Network Settings, and More!
  • Responsive GUI (Desktop, Tablet, and Mobile Device)
  • WebRTC Softphone
  • Call History (Details and Recording Playback / Download)
  • Contact Management
  • Presence Management
  • Conference Room Management
  • Settings Management
    • Find Me / Follow Me
    • Call Forwarding, Call Waiting, Do Not Disturb
    • Call Confirmation
  • Voicemail
    • Visual Voicemail - Playback and Management
    • Notification Options
    • Greetings Management


The Base Platform includes a base of system enhanced features (see chart below)

Additional functionality can be added as needed:

  • Call/Contact Center Features (Enhanced Call Center Functionality)
  • Third Party Phone Support (for Non-Sangoma IP Phones)

Enhanced Features

(Known as Commercial Modules in FreePBX)

PBXact Cloud

Included in Base Monthly Price

PBXact Cloud Add On Bundles
Third Party
Phone Support

Call Recording Reports

(thumbs up) 
Class of Service(thumbs up) 
Conference Pro(thumbs up) 
EndPoint Manager(thumbs up)
with Sangoma Phones
(thumbs up)
For use with
non Sangoma Phones
Extension Routing(thumbs up) 
Fax ProNot supported
with PBXact Cloud
Park Pro(thumbs up) 
Page Pro(thumbs up) 
Phone Apps(thumbs up)
with Sangoma Phones
(thumbs up)
For use with
non Sangoma Phones
SysAdmin Pro(thumbs up) 
User Control Panel Device Management(thumbs up)
with Sangoma Phones
(thumbs up)
For use with
non Sangoma Phones
Voicemail Notify(thumbs up) 
Voicemail Reports(thumbs up) 
XMPP Pro(thumbs up) 
CRM Link Module(thumbs up) 
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