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3.211.63-10  Released 05-31-13

  • Upgrade Asterisk RPMs for 11.4.0 10.12.2 and

3.211.63-9  Released 05-23-13

  • Update fail2ban RPM for mail log error
  • Remove Asterisk auto start since amportal starts asterisk
  • Update sysadmin RPM to fix intrusion detection showing as banned.

3.211.63-8 Released 4-22-13

  • Install the following missing RPMs that users have asked for htop zip unzip traceroute time tmpwatch telnet system-config-network-tui symlinks schmooze-dahdi rsync dos2unix jwhois bind-utils
  • Update FreePBX to 2.11 RC
  • Move the Message of the Day and asterisk-version-switch scripts to be RPMs not just tar.gz installed files to allow better upgrading and modifications.


  • Update Asterisk to and 11.3.0


  • Update Asterisk to add SRTP support.  
  • Install libsrtp RPMS for asterisk to use if using SRTP
  • Update sysadmin and fail2ban for better regex and fix bug in it not parsing SSH on newer Centos.  
  • Add RPMs like zip, unzip, tcpdump and other small utilities.  
  • Update wanpipe to version 7, 
  • Update iSymphony to 2.7.2.  
  • Update yum-kmod to remove DeprecationWarning
  • Install prosody chat server which can be hand configured or configured with the XMPP Commercial module.


    • Update Asterisk, 10.12.1 and 11.2.0
    •  Add support into asterisk for


    • Update Asterisk for libwat support.  
    • Install libwat RPMs.  libwat is used for Sangoma GSM Cards


    • Update Asterisk, 10.11.1 and 11.1.2 for major Asterisk bug.  
    • Update odbc connector for FreePBX 2.11.  
    • Patch Asterisk 10 to fix a Call Recording but in Asterisk 10 that has not been fixed in Asterisk yet.


  • Update the Message of The Day display to print out the IP Address. 
  • Update Asterisk 1.8.19, 10.11.0. and 11.1.0.


  • Initial Public Release of 3.211.63 track
  • Asterisk 1.8.18 or 10.10. or 11.0

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