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Speakerphone mode allows you to make and receive calls using the full-duplex speaker and microphone built into the phone's base, rather than the handset or a headset.

You can switch to and from speakerphone mode at any time, even during an active call.

Turning the Speakerphone On or Off

Speakerphone is the "default" audio mode unless you are using a handset or headset.

Manual Toggle

At any time, you can activate/deactivate the speakerphone by pressing the  (speaker) button. Think of this as taking the speakerphone "off-hook" or hanging it up (like a handset). If the speakerphone is in use, the speaker button will be lit and a speaker icon  will appear on the screen.

  • If you activate the speakerphone while the phone is idle, you will be presented with a dial tone.
  • If you are on an active call using the speakerphone, and you deactivate the speakerphone, you will hang up the call.

Automatic Activation

Assuming you are not using a handset, and the phone is not in headset mode:

  • If you place a call, either by dialing a number or by selecting a number from the contact list or call history, the call will be made in speakerphone mode.
  • If you press the Answer soft key during an incoming call, the call will be answered in speakerphone mode.
  • Incoming page/intercom messages will be played over the speaker.

Adjusting the Speakerphone Volume

While the speakerphone is active (in-use), press the + or - buttons to increase or decrease the volume.


The new volume setting will persist for future speakerphone calls unless you change it again.


Muting the Microphone

To mute your microphone while on an active call, so that the other party cannot hear you, press the  (mute) button.

Press the  (mute) button again to un-mute the microphone.


Switching from Speakerphone Mode to Another Mode During a Call


Speakerphone to Handset: Pick up the handset.

Speakerphone to Headset: Press the  (headset) button.

Switching from Another Mode to Speakerphone Mode During a Call

Press the  (speaker) button.


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