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How to use the Sangoma Redirection Service

In order to use this service, you will need to register your Sangoma Phone in the Sangoma Portal. This process automatically configures the Redirection Server with your Phone MAC address and FreePBX location details.

-> To Register your Sangoma Phone please follow: Registering New Phones

After Registering your Phone you are ready to plug in your Phone into your network and take advantage of the Redirection Service.


After completing the above registration proceed to FreePBX/PBXact Configuration



What is the Redirect Service?


One of the most time consuming processes of setting up new IP phones is having to manually insert configuration server details directly into each phone for them to know the location of the provisioning server in order to pull their configuration on boot up.  Even if the office network's DHCP server has the capability to redirect phones to the provisioning server, this is not helpful for remote office users since they don't have access to the office DHCP server. There is also extension mapping configuration required from within the PBX to match with each phone.  Not only is this time consuming, but costly since IT personnel are required to be involved on site

The Sangoma Redirect Service solves all these issues as it allows your Sangoma phone to auto-discover the FreePBX Phone system, out-of-the-box, from anywhere in the world, and auto-provision itself.   It is a database, located on the internet, which stores the MAC address of every Sangoma Phone.  When the user registers their phone(s) on our Sangoma Portal, they will have the option to pair it with its FreePBX provisioning server.

Requiring no manually configuration, when the phone boots up on the network it will automatically connect with the Sangoma redirection server, accessible over the internet, which will point the phone to its FreePBX Phone system for provisioning.  Every Sangoma Phone is factory programmed with the redirection server web address, which is accessed on initial power up.

Sangoma Phone connecting to Redirection Server to find its FreePBX server to get provisioned


Benefits for Remote Workers

This feature is very useful for remote office users because the user simply will unbox their new Sangoma phone, plug in the Ethernet cable, power it up and watch it auto-provision itself.
Eliminate the need to have IT personnel involved

Easy Relocation

Not only is this great for new Sangoma Phone installations, but is also beneficial for production phones when relocating because it will always know how to reach its FreePBX phone system, by reaching out to the redirection server at A quick factory reset will automatically re-provision the phone.

High Level of Security

Sangoma phones offer the highest level of security when communicating with the Redirection server.  Each phones is manufactured with its own unique SSL signed Certificate from Sangoma CA Server (based on its MAC address / serial number). 

  • When phone boots up it sends a request to the Redirection server for its FreePBX / PBXact location
  • Redirection server replies back, requesting the phone's SSL certificate 
  • Phone responds with its SSL certificate
  • After security validation, redirection server will provide the phone with the IP/FQDN of the FreePBX / PBXact

This is a very unique feature provided by Sangoma because its prevents anybody from spoofing MAC addresses, obtaining FreePBX/PBXact location information and then free ride calls on the PBX.


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