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Line Keys Setup

End Point Manager will help you set up the Line keys for your Sangoma Phones, based on the phone family:

Line Key Types

  • Depending on the phone family type, Line keys can be set up in End Point Manager either for S-Series or P-Series with the following options.

  • Line Key Types:
    • BLF- ("Busy Lamp Field") - Monitors another extension or feature code that has state information on your PBX. The state is indicated by the BLF button.
    • Call Park- Used for one-touch Call Parking.
    • Conference- Configures a conference button to allow 5-way conference calling.
    • DTMF- Sends DTMF digits while on a active call, such as having the system dial a feature code while on a active call.
    • Hold- Places the caller on Hold.
    • Intercom- Causes the dialed extension to answer using Intercom Calling/Auto Answer instead of ringing.
    • LDAP- Button to Launch LDAP directory
    • Line- Sets up a line key. Each phone needs at least one line key.
    • MultiCast Paging- Starts a page to a specific MultiCast address.
    • Record- Toggles on-demand call recording. Requires the user to have on-demand recording permissions in the PBX.
    • Redial- Redials the last number.  
    • SpeedDial- Dials the programmed external number.  
      • To insert pauses, use a comma.  Each comma adds a 500ms pause when dialing.  
      • If you want to create a speed dial that dials a number and then waits for the user to enter more digits on the keypad you would use a + at the end of your speed dial such as *80+ would dial *80 when you press the speed dial button and then wait for you to enter more digits.
    • Transfer-Transfers a call to a new recipient.
    • Voicemail- Dials the voicemail system, allowing the user to check voicemail.
    • XML API- Provides access to the specified Phone App.

Configuring Line Buttons

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